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PARIS 2019

The intent of this open forum is for EuMW 2019 exhibitors to highlight products, technologies and techniques useful to engineers in their day to day design work. 


European Microwave Week 2019 is a six day event, including three cutting edge conferences and one exciting trade and technology exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe. EuMW 2019 provides access to the very latest products, research and initiatives in the microwave sector. 


The ninth annual Microwave Application Seminars (MicroApps) at European Microwave Week 2019 (EuMW 2019) will be presented in Paris, France from Tuesday, October 1st through Thursday, October 3rd, 2019.

  • MicroApps feature a wide range of practical application papers and workshops describing novel products, technologies, and processes, as well as keynote talks by known experts in the RF/MW industry.
  • MicroApps sessions are held on the exhibition floor at the MicroApps Theatre.
  • Exhibition Only badges or Conference badges enable complimentary access to all MicroApps sessions.
  • A web download will be available for the papers presented, as well as bottled water.
The presentations and workshops are open to all conference and exhibit attendees. MicroApps are sponsored by Horizon House, National Instruments, and Rohde & Schwarz.

Best Regards,

Chris Paris and Antti Lautanen
EuMW 2019 MicroApps Co-Chairs

We hope to see you at EuMW 2019 in Paris! 

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Facts and Fallacies in RFPA Waveform Engineering
Dr. Steve C. Cripps, Cardiff University
11:00Industry Workshop:
Design, Optimization, and Integration of Antenna Arrays for Next-Gen Communication Systems
Giorgia Zucchelli, The MathWorks
12:00Industry Workshop:
Best Practices for Wafer Test Throughout the Spectrum
Gavin Fisher, Formfactor
13:003GPP 5G NR gNB Multi-Channel Test Techniques
Randall Becker, Keysight
13:20First Field Instrument Providing 3D Indoor and Outdoor Coverage Mapping for 5G NR
Ferdinand Gerhardes, Anritsu
13:405G NR gNB OTA Conformance Testing
Matthias Weilhammer, Rohde & Schwarz
14:00OTA Test Challenges
Alejandro Buritica, NI
14:20From Prototyping to Mass Production: How to Cut Your Lead Time by Months
Outi Härkki, Premix
14:40The Impact of Glass-Weave Effects on Millimeter-Wave PCBs
John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation
15:00Industry Workshop:
Design of Antenna Matching-Circuit for IoT Devices
Jaume Anguera, Fractus Antennas
16:00Approaching mmWave Filters: Options and Recommendations
Tim Brauner, Knowles
16:20Forms of Printed Reflection and Reflectionless Thin Film Lumped-Elements (TFLEs) for Various Types of Filters
Rafi Hershtig, K&L Microwave
16:40A Waveform Alignment Technique Enabling Broadband GaN Power Amplifier Design
Jarod Geng, Ampleon
17:00A 10-40 GHz Chipset for mmWave Imaging and Other Wideband Receive Applications
Eamon Nash, Analog Devices


10:00Industry Workshop:
BiCMOS Technology for 5G Applications
Andrzej Gajda, Jesus Gutierrez Teran, Nebojsa Maletic, IHP Solutions and Erik Öjefors, Sivers IMA
11:00Industry Workshop:
Accurate EM-Circuit Co-Design of Antenna Systems
Joni Lappalainen, Optenni
12:00A New Wave of Simulation for Electromagnetism and Design Optimization
Katsuhiko Kosenda, Murata Software
12:20Phased-Array System Design That Incorporates Component-Level Performance
Eamon Nash, Analog Devices
12:40S Band RADAR Power Amplifier
Markus Mayer, Arelis
13:00Scalable Planar Array (SPAR) Tile Innovations for AESA Radar
Alan Noll, MACOM Technology Solutions
13:20Tackling Emerging Millimeter-Wave Applications Beyond 50 GHz (802.11ay, 5G NR)
Greg Jue, Keysight
13:40Wi-Fi 6 Extended Frequency Coverage and Test Challenges
Alejandro Buritica, NI
14:00Benefits of Noise Sources for Over the Air Testing With Enclosures
Matthew Diessner, Noisecom
14:20Benefits of Reduced Insertion Loss for mmWave Over Temperature Wafer Test
Gavin Fisher, Formfactor
14:40Why Are Peak Power Meters Essential for Characterizing Pulsed Power Amplifiers?
Walt Strickler, Boonton
15:00Power Distribution Network Testing Through Impedance Analysis
Andrea D’Aquino, Rohde & Schwarz
15:20Enabling High Performance Power Amplifier Analysis With Visual Electromagnetic Optimization of Encoded Model
Nicolas Labrousse, NXP
15:40Assessing the Accuracy of Keysight Sys-Parameters and NI AWR Software VSS AMP_F Models
Eamon Nash, Analog Devices
16:00Designing a Narrowband Bandpass Filter for 5G Applications
David Vye, AWR Group, NI
16:20Spanning 70 KHz to 220 GHz for Single Sweep VNA Measurements Utilizing Nonlinear Transmission Line Technology
Steve Reyes, Anritsu
16:40Tunable and Fixed Filtering Solutions Enhance Dynamic Range Solutions for 4G-5G RF Test Measurements
Rafi Hershtig, K&L Microwave
17:00Latest Digital-to-Analog Converter Development: 12-bit 8 GSps DAC Enabling Signal Generation up to the K-Band
Romain Pilard, Teledyne e2v




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